A collaboration analytics software technology company headquartered in Australia


Enterprise Software, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Digital Workplace Analytics


Australian-based SWOOP Analytics is on an exciting journey of rapid global expansion. Despite their dedication to producing good content and participating in events, they were missing the critical piece of the puzzle – a clear and strategic action plan – that’s essential for translating their efforts into measurable results.


  • Go-to-market strategy
  • Marketing Communication Plan
  • Marketing and Comms SOPs
  • Marketing Campaign
  • Events
  • Content

Here’s how we brought SWOOP Analytics’ brand to life through a variety of marketing techniques.

  • To further enhance brand recognition in APAC, EMEA, and North America through field marketing, communication, and PR efforts.
Target Audience
  • Companies with a minimum of 5,000 employees.
  • SWOOP Analytics has achieved remarkable strong brand recognition success in its home region and the thriving APAC market.
  • While SWOOP has a strong customer base in both Europe and North America there would be very significant growth opportunities associated with growing brand awareness in these geographies.

ACT Approach

Total Project Length: Approximately 1 year (ongoing project)

Identifying Trends and Market Opportunities

We kicked off our project with an in-depth exploration of SWOOP Analytics’ three key markets: APAC, EMEA, and North America. Our goal was to uncover the latest trends, untapped market opportunities, and the unique habits that define each region’s consumer landscape. By doing so, we aimed to discover where we could fine-tune and align their strategies to make the most of each market’s distinctive characteristics.

Field Marketing Tailored Activities for Each of the 3 Regional Markets

We adapted to regional differences by creating unique marketing plans for each area, ensuring they aligned with the company’s brand maturity while maintaining a consistent message across all regions.

In essence, we played a pivotal role, a “marketing director” role, in defining and implementing bespoke field marketing strategies for each market.

APAC/Australia Market


Market Maturity: High

In Australia, SWOOP Analytics enjoys mature product awareness and a prominent market share.

Engaging Key Industry Stakeholders

They continue to create content, such as the recent whitepaper “Yammer & Viva Engagement Benchmarking Report”, and host co-hosted webinars like the “APAC | Coles | Yammer & Viva Engage Festival 2022” to showcase their market leadership and strengthen their community bonds.



Market Maturity: Building

Market maturity in EMEA is at an intermediate level, featuring higher brand awareness than that of North America but historically not reaching the same level as Australia. Market is segregated by geographies with substantial cultural and language differences.

Strategy: Priority is building trust through product knowledge and targeted marketing efforts towards carefully selected geographies.

Key activities involve hosting webinars, such as the EMEA – SharePoint Intranet Benchmarking Briefing and establishing partnerships through collaboration with relevant industry associations like the Internal Association of Business Communicators (IABC) and Institute of Internal Communications (IOIC).

North America


Market Maturity: Emerging

Customer product interest in SWOOP is different to other markets, so product marketing strategy had to be adjusted.


Emphasize brand visibility through impactful physical presence at key conferences, positioning SWOOP Analytics as a market leader.



A Diverse and Proactive Strategy

At the outset, SWOOP Analytics marketing and brand awareness activities had historically been ‘reactive’. While the company had previously identified this as a short-coming it lacked clear direction and had not been resourced to meet its desire to be on the ‘front foot’

  • Under ACT’s guidance and active involvement, SWOOP has implemented a structured rolling 12-month marketing plan, complemented by a communication strategy and ROI tracking, all bolstered by regular check-ins. This transformation demanded discipline, but we’ve achieved a successful turnaround.
  • ACT identified the need to combine SWOOP’s many customer and prospecting activities under an easily recognizable label and the ‘SWOOP Academy’ was created to achieve this.

Measuring Success

To further bolster SWOOP’s visibility into marketing results, we conduct monthly check-ins and share success stories through internal channels. Reporting doesn’t have to be dull; it can be engaging and informative.



Strategic Planning

Developed a comprehensive rolling 12-month marketing, events, and communication plan—providing a masterplan for regional teams to execute guided activities.For the first time, SWOOP is now on the ‘front foot’ allow to be selective and make decisions on which marketing and branding activities provide best strategic fit.

Enhanced Market Presence

Achieved a 10% growth from the previous year in new client acquisition in North America and EMEA, significantly boosting brand awareness. Attendance for webinars and other virtual events in Europe and North America is now greater than in Europe.

Increased Value

Established Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in collaboration with the sales team, ensuring organized and effective management of marketing activities, while also gaining recognition as a thought leader in the APAC region.

Introducing the Knowledge Base

ACT has developed “SWOOP Academy”, a centralized platform designed to offer users a hub of enjoyable and engaging activities. SWOOP Academy has now become one of SWOOP’s key differentiators against competitors.
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