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With months of working from home, maintaining a strong company culture and team morale during these unique times can be challenging and social distancing makes it hard to get the team together,  so how can you inject some fun into the workday and lift the company spirit up?



Here are 5 digital team-building experiences to try! 

Dressed up Themed Quiz: Played in the comfort of your own home, this virtual themed quiz enables teams to connect, have some fun and get competitive. Encourage the teams to dress up on fancy theme and have a best dressed up team competition for some extra fun and photos opportunities

Laughter Bingo: Not exactly just a Bingo night! combining Bingo with a comedy show and traps with funny penalties for the unlucky winner!

Cookalong Class: What could be better than sharing great food with great colleagues, albeit at a distance?! Partnering with different top-notch restaurants, treat your team with a 5* cooking experience. Deliver scrumptious ingredients and limited-edition regional recipes to your team for them to cook a meal filled with magnificent flavors together with their colleagues. It’s a great internal team activity which you can combine with a cocktail masterclass.

Scavenger Hunt:  The fun to be had during this interactive ‘virtual’ scavenger hunt is limited only by your creativity and imagination. Fully customizable and brandable, your virtual ‘scavenge’ is a great way to explore, interact, and release your inner child! This is perfect if you want to bring your team together to focus on a common goal, put your problem-solving skills to the test and have a bit of fun in the process. 

Virtual Campfire: What better way to come together as a team than round a (virtual) campfire?! Think historic ghost stories, icebreaker games and competitions. Essentially, all the good stuff without the mosquitoes or the lack of toilet facilities!To enhance the experience, send to each participant a little campfire kit in advance, with a campfire candle, wood matches and marshmallows. On the camp day, a camp master will guide you in a virtual adventure to create memories that will last years!

Do you need more ideas or help planning your first virtual team building? You can talk to us for a free consultation!