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Marketing solutions that amplify your eco-focused mission.

Running an eco-business is the work of superheroes! You’re out there fighting for a better future for our planet. But it can be challenging to ‘do it all’, especially if marketing is not your area of expertise.
We have good news – you don’t have to figure it out yourself! With our help, you can focus on the things that matter and drive your business forward, knowing your marketing is in good (green) hands.

Tailored marketing for eco-conscious enterprises

Every Batman needs their Robin, and that’s where we step in! With ACT, you’re more than just a client … we’re your partner as you navigate this journey to meet your business goals and live your sustainability values.
Our hands-on approach means your business will be fully supported, month after month. We will be right beside you on your mission, providing ongoing guidance, and ensuring your marketing efforts drive successful outcomes for you, and your customers.

Personalized Market Research

Having a detailed map with the lay of the land is everything when navigating new territory. In our world, that map is personalised data and insights that light the path to your destination – a successful eco-business! We’re not just talking about some stats we found on Google. The eco-business industry is broad and complex, ranging from renewable energy to eco-tourism, targeting big audiences to bespoke markets, and rife with non-existent standardised metrics, certifications, and reporting standards. That’s why we start with individual market research, which helps us plot a direct path from your starting line to your audiences.


You’re not a ‘normal’ business, so your branding needs to be anything but normal! Here’s the deal: people make decisions based on whether they know, like, and trust you. That’s the immense power of humanity and emotion, and the reason why our approach begins with identifying your organisation’s unique ‘why’. This allows us to create a bespoke, customer-centric brand with a distinct purpose and vision, free from traditional norms. Expect a future-proofed brand, aligned with your sustainability goals, that sets you apart from the rest of the pack!

Go-to-Market Strategy

Want to cut through the noise? We’re your loudspeaker, here to amplify your message! With targeted digital marketing, strategic partnerships, and dynamic customer sales journeys, we’ll position your products and services as the solution your customers can’t live without! And we’ll stay on top of things with constant analysis, drawing on data insights to ensure scalable, sustainable growth and market dominance.

Communications Strategy

It’s one thing to launch your business, it’s another to stay on the radar into the long term. To keep your business top of mind, month after month, we’ll develop a comprehensive marketing and communication plan that aligns with your business goals and sustainability values. We know ‘one-size-fits-all’ is a myth – so expect a fully tailored strategy makes your brand shine, and reminds people why they want to work with superheroes like you!

Sustainable Events

Everything you do as a business showcases your commitment to the planet, and events are no exception. If anything, they’re the most public display of your sustainability values! So forget plastic promotional gifts, wasteful catering, and electricity-guzzling operations. We work with you to create unique experiences that are plastic-free, zero waste, and carbon neutral, following the ISO 20121 guidelines. And we go above and beyond by working with minorities and local communities to leave a positive legacy.

Experiential Marketing

Traditional, boring marketing? Not on our watch! We love what you do and we’re passionate about working with you to amplify your eco-message. So we use experiential marketing strategies that are designed to capture attention and engage your audience on a personal level. It’s all about winning hearts and minds. We’ll help you create meaningful connections with your ideal customers, and use creative and innovative marketing methods so you stand out from the crowd.

Our unique four-phase methodology

ACT’s unique four-phase approach to marketing and communications is a methodology that works. It’s tried and tested, and provides a full end-to-end marketing experience that will drive brand recognition, and get your message heard.

Phase 1: Strategize & Evolve

  • Branding
  • Creative & Media Strategy
  • Market Research & Insights
  • Lead Generation/Sales/Nurturing

Phase 2: Engage & Execute

  • Content Marketing Plan
  • Website optimization for leads generation

Phase 3: Amplify & Optimize

  • Digital Marketing Content Plan
  • Social Media Management
  • Public Relations & Communications
  • Email Marketing
  • Events Management
  • Partnerships & Influencer Management

Phase 4: Automate & Measure

  • Reporting
  • Optimization of ongoing campaigns
  • Automation of Marketing Processes

Who we’ve worked with

Ready to partner with us to bring your eco-focused project to life?

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I had the chance to work with the ACT when at the Climate Changepreneurs team. They were in charge of growing our podcast following. The team was constantly coming up with new ideas on how we can continue to grow the podcast and take it to the next level. Under their management of our LinkedIn page, we were able to double our following in under 3 months.

Devesh TilokaniFounder, The Climate Changepreneurs 🇨🇦

The team went above and beyond thinking through all the little details. Having an experienced hand helping us with market insights was also helped us create a great experience for our first time in APAC events.

Gaya AnandaHead of Field Marketing, APAC Circle Internet Financial, LLC 🇸🇬

Dedicated to her clients, Serena and the team go above + beyond to help you succeed. They are reliable, responds promptly and are able to advise you on points you may not have even considered.

Kristy ChristieDirector, The Malaysian 🇲🇾

I would like to commend Serena for her experience in running events, mega events. She has delivered memorable and successful FPAS’ inaugural Financial Planner Awards 2018. We have since engaged ACT for the subsequent Financial Planner Awards 2019, Financial Planner Awards 2020 (Virtual event) and the World Financial Planning Day 2022 and 2023 events, as she has proven to deliver remarkable result each time. She has gone beyond her responsibilities to ensure the success of the event. I truly appreciate the commitment that her and the team have displayed and the contribution of the amazing ideas in resolving various situations. For an organization, it is important to have the assurance that the event will carry on successfully.

Samantha WongChief Executive Officer, Financial Planning Association of Singapore 🇸🇬

Proactive and determined, the ACT team brings creativity, impact and beautiful attention to detail to the work they do. Very highly recommended.

Ben ShawPartner, SE10 LLP 🇬🇧