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While we definitely look forward to having some high-definition mixed reality experiences this coming year, we’ll also be seeing more events that deliver a holistic experience by engaging all the five senses.

Audio and video are staples when it comes to this, but have you ever went to an event that really engaged your sense of smell or taste? In fact, a well-crafted multi-sensory event can provoke interest before, during, and even after an event.

These are just some of the upcoming creative possibilities that can help activate all of your senses during an event:

  • Immerse the participants in the smell of the products being endorsed, using scent-generating machines or simply by amplifying the scent of the product.
  • Add more hands-on displays that encourage the sense of touch.
  • Promote audience alertness by creating multi-sensory recreation in between sessions.
  • Take time to select and integrate textures, scents, mood-setting soundtracks, and visual techniques when planning events.
  • Integrate creative spaces within event venues to better engage the senses and stimulate discussion during an event
  • Have a wellness area; from a mini mindfulness retreat, a post lunch walk, yoga or meditation session; Give your attendees a real break!