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Choose a sustainable building

What is your venue of choice’s Green Star rating, LEED certification, EPC or similar? If the venue doesn’t have a rating, or your country doesn’t have such a program, and you wish to go through a checklist yourself, consider the following:

  • Is the venue constructed of alternative and sustainable materials?
  • Is it designed and operated to be responsive to the local climate?
  • Are energy efficiency considerations evident including things such as passive solar, insulation, natural light, etc.?
  • Does the venue undertake sustainable water management such as rainwater capture and recycling, and/or greywater recycling?
  • What waste management and minimization procedures are in place?
  • Is the venue considerate to the natural environment and sensitive to biodiversity?
  • Have indoor environment quality issues been addressed?
Renewable energy
  • Is the venue hooked up to a green energy supplier? If not, can you get the venue to switch?
  • Does the venue have its own microgeneration or CHP plant?
Reduce demand for power
  • Put energy usage quotas in place for participants.
  • Ensure energy-efficient equipment is used.
  • Have financial incentives or penalties relating to energy consumption.
  • Conduct a ‘Switch Off’ campaign.
  • Make it a policy that all lighting by exhibitors is low wattage and no urns or other high energy-consuming equipment is used.
Report results (Key Sustainability Indicators)
  • Audit all power consumption.
  • Ensure you receive energy consumption readings from the event.
  • Analyse usage patterns and set goals for future events.

Article Credit: Sustainable Event Management  – A practical guide