A financial advisory company, a subsidiary of a respected wealth management organization in Asia.


Financial Advisory, Wealth Management


Our client, a financial advisory firm with over a decade’s experience under a larger organization, aspired to branch out and build their own identity.


  • Brand identity
  • Identifying Target Audiences
  • Go-to-market strategy
  • Marketing Communication Plan
  • Marketing and Comms SOPs

Here’s how we helped Financial Advisory Company launch a new brand look and feel and initiate all marketing efforts.

Establishing trust and crafting a unique brand identity amid the parent company’s global prominence
Target Audience
People between 28 – 65 years old that need to learn how to manage their finances.
Our client was challenged by the need to stand independently from the parent company’s reputation. They turned to us for help, recognizing our expertise and creative vision.

theACT Approach

Total Project Length: 12 months

Collaborative Ideation Workshop

The brand identity transformation process was initiated through an engaging brainstorming and ideation workshop with the client team. They sought a departure from the corporate and statuesque look of the past, opting for a more approachable, youthful, and enjoyable image.

Distinctive Sub-Brand Identity

We crafted a visually captivating brand identity for the sub-brand, setting it apart from the parent company while emphasizing their close relationship. This approach aimed to clarify the connection between the two entities and build trust with the sub-brand’s clients.

Transformation from Classic to Contemporary

Initially, Financial Advisory Company had a traditional and institutional appearance. However, theACT led a comprehensive makeover, introducing a fresh image for the heritage partnership. This transformation included a new name, logo, color scheme, and website and brochure design.

Sample design from new brand identity

Phase 1: Crafting an Informative Prelude Campaign

We launched a dynamic educational marketing and social media pre-launch extravaganza with three clear objectives in mind:


Brand Buzz

We took the classic route of direct mailing but spiced it up with an abundance of enlightening content. It was like sending a care package of wisdom to everyone’s mailbox, creating a moment of brand recognition.


Tantalizing Content

To separate ourselves from the mother-company, we served up a weekly dose of captivating documents. These little insights were shared far and wide on social media and in our end-of-month newsletter.

Financial Wisdom

For those who couldn’t get enough, we rolled out the red carpet with engaging webinars. Our focus was empowering people with money-management savvy. We made sure to have numerous touch points, turning reluctant minds into financial wizards.

Phase 2: A Communication Campaign Aimed at Loyalty

Clarity at the Helm

We proudly unveil the new fresh company name focusing on loyalty. Our priority is to ensure the client’s customers fully understand the distinction between our mother company’s businesses, safeguarding against any drop-offs during this transition. These campaigns range in various channels:


Email Campaign

Informative emails that break down the exciting changes.

Personal Touch

Dedicated account managers to reach out to customers for a face-to-face explanation of the transformations.

Influencer Collaboration

Collaborated with local micro-influencers to spread the government initiatives in a light-hearted yet informative manner.

Heartfelt Mail

We didn’t neglect the traditional channel of classic direct mail, making sure that all customers are well informed.

Building Trust and Recognition

We’ve cultivated valuable relationships with esteemed partners such as the Italian Association, Swiss Chamber of Commerce, and the Australian Embassy. These connections are instrumental in fostering trust and brand recognition in the market rather than relying on the mother company’s reputation.

Phase 3: Building the Foundation for In-House Excellence


Brand Buzz

We created standardized marketing campaign procedures (SOPs) and equipped the client’s in-house marketing manager with a comprehensive content calendar. Moreover, we took the lead in recruiting a skilled content creator to enhance their team.

Why theACT


Balancing Act

We faced the challenge of adhering to numerous branding guidelines (visual, style, tone of voice) while crafting a unique identity for the sub-brand. Through deep-dive identity workshops and brainstorming sessions, we struck the right balance, meeting the client’s expectations without violating the mother company’s branding guidelines.

Multifaceted Mastery

As a one-stop agency, we seamlessly managed various aspects, from creative strategy development to delivering a wide range of services.



Speedy Launch

We went from concept to market in just 5 months, beating the initial 6 to 9-month timeline. Remarkably, we began this journey without even having a name for the sub-company.

Impressive Customer Loyalty

Thanks to our tailored loyalty campaign, we achieved an impressive 93% customer retention rate. Clients transitioned seamlessly and continued their partnership with the new sub-brand company.

Fresh Marketing Channels

theACT initiated marketing efforts from the ground up, utilizing unique positioning for the sub-brand across a large mix of platforms ranging from Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and email campaigns.
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